Welcome. This is my little TS2 hideout. Feel free to ask anything, post wcifs, and request 3t2 conversions (I will gladly fullfill them as long as they are in my range of skills). Enjoy your stay!

saartje77: Wow, how I love your interiors! Makes me want to move there! :) Do you use any cheats (similar to the snap objects to grid false in ts3) to place clutter, paintings and such? I just started playing ts2 again after years, so I don't really remember these things.

Thanks saartje!

Yeah, I use the cheats. “moveobjects on”, “boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true" so I can rotate the items in 45° and "boolprop snapobjectstogrid false" so I can place them anywhere I want.

Welcome back to TS2 :))

darkmoon689: Your decorated rooms always look awesome, so nice and pretty! <3. I was wondering wcif the nursery set and small desk from your last photoset.

Thank you, darkmoon! :))

The nursery set is by HolySimoly and you can get it HERE.

The little table (I hope you mean that one) is in THIS set by Leehee4444.

Anonymous: Hello! Hope you don't mind two more WCIFs on your lovely MISC house! Firstly, I would really like the grey poufs from the living area (saw them used in one of your other pics in pink but couldn't find where are they from), and secondly is the white recolour of Gelina Hemingway Chair (Entry/work area) yours - unreleased? Thank you in advance!

I don’t mind at all, anon!


The chair recolors are HERE by MsTeaQueen, and you can find some more HERE by 13pumpkin.


The pouf is by Veranka HERE. The pink recolor was my own, but it was gone together with my downloads folder before I got to publish it. Maybe I’ll redo ‘em once I have some spare time.

muupi replied to your photoset “My girly girl nursery for a CMT challenge @ LS”

I love that its purple, its the same color scheme I painted for my bby :3 looks gorgeous!

kwsimblr replied to your photoset “My girly girl nursery for a CMT challenge @ LS”

super fabulous

mdpthatsme replied to your photoset “My girly girl nursery for a CMT challenge @ LS”


Thank you, darlings! muupi, the combo of purple and pink is actually pretty nice, they go well together. However, I don’t think I’d be gutsy enough to do that in RL hihi

Anonymous: Hi Moxxa, I love your creations and was wondering if you could convert a TS3 Goetz sofa by DRESDEN? Thanks!

Hey anon, I could yes. But, you’ll need to be patient. I have so little time, and already a few sets in my queue list. So, if you don’t mind waiting…

Anonymous: are the white molding walls from any of those creators?

Hey anon, can you please specify which white molding walls? Which post / which room?